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More about me

I cannot tell you that I grew up holding a camera or always dreamed of being a photographer one day, but I can tell you the exact moment that I knew I would be. My sweet Blair was six weeks old. She was lying on my bed in a little blue onesie with her fist curled in her hair. The light was coming in the window behind her and reflecting off my white comforter. I leaned down to kiss her chunky little cheeks and she looked up at me with the brightest brown eyes I had ever seen. I remember thinking in that moment how perfect she looked, and how I never wanted to forget it. I wanted to capture that moment forever. I didn't even own a camera! I grabbed my cell phone and snapped the very best image my cell phone could capture. It was two years later that I bought my first DSLR. And I have come a long way since that day. I cannot begin to tell you the joy that this journey has brought me. I've discovered with each session just how very passionate I am about photography. It's so much more to me than capturing beautiful pictures of my kids. (although I do love that.) I so much enjoy capturing and saving memories for others as well. And I love the excitement a gallery full of beautiful images brings to each of my clients.